• Create and Grow Wealth

    Most clients are worried about losing their wealth even before the recent market downturn. Today, they want help making smart decisions about their money. Many have lost confidence in their current advisors and evein the financial markets as a whole.

  • Wealth Preservation

    Investors want to keep wealth safe from potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses and potential ex-spouses, as well as from catastrophic loss.

  • Mitigate Income Taxes

    Mitigating income tax is a concern for most people. For investors with a higher net worth, minimizing estate and capital gains taxes is also important.

  • Effective Estate Transfer

    Ensuring that heirs, parents, children and grandchildren are taken care of with minimal difficulty and cost, in accordance with their wishes, is a major issue for virtually every client.

  • Charitable Giving and Legacy Gifts

    Helping to facilitate and increase the effectiveness of charitable intent and legacy gifts is crucial to many high-net-worth-investors.